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Being an entrepreneur sucks.

It isn’t as glamorous as they make it seem.

There are so many fairytale stories of successful businesses on social media that tell you about how glamorous/fun/interesting it is to be running their own business. But we know that isn’t true, there are so many untold stories out of how difficult it is to be an entrepreneur.

This is not to discourage anyone, this is just to let you know what you’re getting yourself into so you can prepare adequately.

Here is what they wouldn’t tell you:

Unstable income: There is no other time that you will have to think about your income aside from when you lose your job than now. You wake up most mornings uncertain of where your next sale will come from- that is if you bother to show up. Most of the time you’re going to fail and you will either be stuck between all the plans you have made. So, even when you have found a plan that works you have to be alert with another plan for when your previous plan goes to sh***.

Success or failure depends on you: The honeymoon period ends so quickly because after your first client you realize that the company’s failure or success totally depends on you and only you. A lot of these entrepreneurs don’t show the bad sides when sh** has hit the fan when everything has gone wrong at 3 am and they’re making calls trying to fit things. All you see are earnings, acquisitions, and their net worth.

So of course you will have to take the bad, the good, and the ugly. You will make the best of what you’re dealt. Some days will be fun, others will just be a drag.

“No work, no pay”

Not also to forget that there might be family members who depend on you for money. Over time the pressure builds and all you can do is just keep working and putting in the hours.

There is nothing fun about entrepreneurship, what you see on social media is a lie. Nobody gets paid to travel or sit staring out their kitchen window drinking coffee.

Entrepreneurship is a deliberate risk, people take every time. Running your own business is mostly terrifying, heartbreaking, and nerve-wracking.

Entrepreneurship is about the hustle, plain and simple. The odds are against you and you will realize early enough how much work you need to put in. It isn’t an immediate rag to riches story.

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