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Finding a work-life balance, providing value and many more articles today.

Are we too busy to enjoy life?– For some people, being busy is unfortunately not an option. -Anne-Laure Le Cunff

“I don’t have a passion for anything. How can I find my passion?”– Finding ones passion seems to be a burden that afflict most of my generation and the new ones seem not to be immune to it. -Edmar Ferriera

My guide to brand positioning
Ted Morgan says “Positioning is like finding a seat on a crowded bus”
Most brands sleepwalk onto the bus and sit on top of one another. -Marketing examples

4 Reasons Why Email Should Be the Backbone of Your Marketing– It doesn’t take many Google searches to find out that email marketing gives back an average of $44 for every $1 spent or that it’s 40 times more effective than social media marketing and at least three times more effective than every other marketing channel. -emailmastery.org

The Unseen Effort It Takes To Succeed– It’s tempting to compare yourself to other creators, but that’s a trap. Ava riffs on the unseen effort it takes to succeed and highlights the importance of falling in love with the work and not just the potential results.
As she says, “A lot of people want to be but they don’t want to do.” -Ava riffs

You Don’t Have To Start At The Beginning.- Adam Westbrook points out you don’t have to start at the beginning, a powerful lesson he learned from watching a documentary about the creative process of legendary animation filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki. -Adam Westbrook

How To Provide Value To People
In a 53-minute episode of The One Percent Better Podcast, Joe Ferraro interviews me about how to provide value to people and I share my thoughts on how to make your art, work, and life better. -Joe Ferraro

The 28 “Rules” Of Creating In 2021
Bob Lefsetz shares the 28 “rules” of creating in 2021 including that what’s hated today is loved tomorrow (and vice versa), virality happens very slowly, and your goal is to be self-sustaining. -Bob Lefsetz

21 Ways To Market Your Work Without Using Social Media
Alexandra Franzen shares 21 ways to market your work without using social media including to do something noteworthy to get people talking, encourage word-of-mouth from your existing audience, and teach a free class.-Alexandra Franzen

10 “Hustle Traps” To Avoid
Paul Millerd breaks down 10 “Hustle Traps” to avoid including the dopamine bomb of internet fame, chasing an audience instead of people you want to engage with, and setting an income goal as your metric of success.-Paul Millerd