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How to Kill Scope Creep

You and your client agree on a set of services and deliverables then after the project begins…..your client wants to add “just one little detail”.

This is Scope Creep and it must die before it kills your business.

One small addition becomes two….two becomes twenty and before you know it, you are knee deep in the grave of extra charges and unprofitable projects…..one more bad decision away from ruining your hard work (business).

Killing Scope Creep starts in the CONTRACT.

“The more the detail, the better”

Your CONTRACT should include:

  • Details of every final deliverable
  • Details of every delivery round
  • Details of every price item
  • Details of the timeline
  • Expectations and assumptions

Add this clause to your CONTRACT:

“Any items not detailed in this agreement are considered out of scope and may require a change order. All change orders will be discussed prior to inviting additional costs”.

That clause gives you power to send change orders (charge extra) and kill Scope Creep.

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