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10 Business Lessons from Money Heist (2021)

Money Heist is one of the most popular Netflix series about an elaborate heist. The entire series shows the planning and executions that take place for the heist. People can also learn some business lessons from those.

It is about heist that a thief who is called The Professor. He plans and executes an impossible heist with the help of other robbers. The series is full of strategies, planning and execution.

As the professor builds up the entire team and regulates them all to become successful in their missions, you can learn many lessons from it regarding business. So, other than entertainment, Money Heist is also good to watch to know about tactics for business purpose. 

If you have watched the Netflix Series ‘Money Heist’ you would find these business lessons useful. 

  1. Business is a Marathon

You must have a burning desire to go all the way. The Professor had the end in mind and that motivated him.

  1. Use every Challenge as a Propeller

In every episode, Professor and his gang of thieves faced obstacles and as they surmounted each challenge, their goal was clearer. Don’t see challenges as problems, see them as opportunities to get ahead.

  1. Know your Market

No one should know your market better than you. Professor was always ahead because he had studied every possible scenario. 

  1. Research 

No one is deadlier than an informed man who know what to do with information. 

  1. Outsource 

Know your strengths and outsource the rest. Do not try to do it all yourself. The Professor never was better off planning and coordinating and he let others do the dirty work for him.

  1. Plan

If you set a goal for your business, prepare the appropriate plan you can follow to achieve that goal. Stick to the plan and avoid distractions. Several times Tokyo and others almost ruined the plan because they got carried away. 

  1. Teamwork is key

A Lone Wolf is a dead Wolf. The Professor stood no chance pulling off the heist himself. 

  1. Never mix business with emotions

Especially with pricing, businesses tend to get emotional about clients and end up cutting their prices to suit the client. Emotions would ruin your hard work. Denver almost lost his life because he got emotional.

  1. Find a Greater Purpose than Money

Even the professor wasn’t just motivated by money, he wanted to continue and fulfil the legacy his dad died trying to fulfil.

If the only thing that excites you in your business is money, it won’t be long before you get bored.

  1. Know when to say Goodbye (Bella Ciao)

Know when to say goodbye to a toxic partner, investor or the business itself. At times you have to take decisions for the greater good.

Credit : Maxpreneur